Hairspray was one of those rare, accidental instances of quality that's pretty much impossible to repeat. First, the original John Waters movie was pretty good and happy. Then, against all odds, the Broadway adaptation was really good too. The hat trick came when the movie version of the musical, which came out last summer, was a total blast as well, meaning the Hairspray story had come full circle and could finally be retired.

Uhhh.... not quite. Rumors about Hairspray 2 just won't go away, and now Queen Latifah is fanning the flames. She told MTV "I got a secret e-mail about that recently. I got an e-mail from people connected to the last movie. It said: ‘Keep your ears peeled.’”

Wait, keep your ears peeled? Doesn't that sound painful? Queen claimed ignorance on any details, only saying she's glad they're doing another, and she's "glad he’s writing it.” It's your best guess as to who "he" is-- maybe director Adam Shankman? Maybe Waters himself?

The only way a Hairspray 2 could possibly succeed would be for the entire original cast to return, so the Queen's enthusiasm is definitely welcome. But couldn't they try on a new idea for once, and leave Tracy Turnblad and all the rest to their deserved spot in history?

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