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I still think it’s insane to try and make a movie out of a game with no actual plot structure, but the rumors of World of Warcraft’s impending transition to the world of feature film refuse to die. This time, they’re being spread by Mike Morhaime, president of World of Warcraft game maker Blizzard.

Moviehole caught up with Morhaime at this year’s Blizzcon, and put him to the question. Morhaime tells them that there are still plans to make a World of Warcraft film. In fact, it seems they’re more than just plans since he says, "the script is being written." Unfortunately, he declined to say anything more. Apparently he’s signed a bad contract, the terms of which require him to be shot should he reveal specific details. Get that sucker reviewed by a lawyer next time Morhaime!

So World of Warcraft: The Movie, is still out there somewhere. Whether we’ll see it any time soon, is another question entirely. Or maybe the real question here is whether anyone would actually want to watch it. Isn’t the whole point in playing World of Warcraft to come up with your own story? Why pay to sit and watch someone else’s quest when you could be off on the internet, living in your own buxom elf-babe world?

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