With Daniel Craig announced as Bond and the whole Casino Royale thing now well and truly moving forward, the sycophants are crawling out of the woodwork.

First up is Jessica Alba, who told WENN that she's keen to jump in the sack with James and play a Bond girl. I guess she doesn't have a problem with skimpy outfits and gratuitous, loveless sex, just nudity.

"I'm a huge fan of Bond - ever since I was little." she says. But she wasn't attracted to James so much as she was into the women, "I've looked at Bond women as being the most drop-dead gorgeous in the world." And it's not just one or two she likes, she loves Bond babes in every flavor, "I love the variety of them - they've been black and Asian and white and Eastern European and everything else."

Am I the only one here who could use a cold shower?

Jessica is certainly uniquely qualified to play a Bond chick. She's dumb, she can't act, and she's incredibly, viciously, unforgivably hot. That fits the mold. It's no wonder she idolizes past Bond girls… she's got a lot in common with them.

There's no word from the Bond camp on whether they have any interest in her, but frankly they'd be complete fools to pass her up. Sign her up, now!

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