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We've been hearing about Jurassic Park IV for awhile, but with all the Indiana Jones talk it seemed like it was being put on the back burner by Spielberg. That may no longer be the case.

Sky News is reporting that Spielberg is eager to get it moving and may actually consent to direct the fourth installment himself. Steven directed the first two Jurassic Park movies, but Joe Johnston took over for the less successful third one. Apparently Johnston is still Spielberg's first choice to direct number four, but if Johnston can't or won't do it, then Spielberg will hop back into the dino-director's chair.

Jurassic Park is currently slated for a wide release some time in 2008, so if they're going to hit that target Spielberg will have to make up his mind soon. The fact that he's interested in doing it indicates that whatever script they're using, the may actually have something good this time. Is there more territory left to be explored in the Jurassic Park? Spielberg seems to think so.