Universal is out and looking for someone to play their older version of Alex O’Connel in their long gestating Mummy 3. Alex you’ll remember, was the son of Rachel Weisz and Brendan Frasher’s characters in The Mummy films. For the new movie Alex is supposed to be more grown up and on the verge of taking over for his father.

Bloody-Disgusting says they’re looking at Alex Pettyfer to take on the part. Pettyfer was the star of the quickly forgotten, barely seen kids spy movie Operation Stormbreaker, and frankly he was godawful in it. He looks pretty as long as he’s just standing there, but asked to do anything else and it’s a disaster. I can’t see him stepping into the wisecracking shoes of Brendan Fraser. Hopefully Universal will think better of it.

The plot of The Mummy 3 is supposed to take them to ancient China this time. Word is that there may be no actual mummies in this one. Instead they’ll be facing off against the famous Chinese terra-cotta warriors, a collection of 6,000 stone men and stone horses constructed to guard the tomb of an emperor.

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