Every month, the major streaming content providers engage in a natural cycle of renewal. For every title that’s removed from their extensive library of offerings, another few take its place. With September quickly approaching, Amazon has announced their slate of films that will be popping up in the Amazon Prime streaming queue throughout various points in the next few weeks – and we have 10 of the best viewing options you’ll have to choose from. So keep your eyes peeled, as the following films are going to drop at some point in the month ahead.

The Blair Witch Project
The Blair Witch Project
Before viral marketing became one of the leading tactics to market a film, The Blair Witch Project scared the hell out of audiences by convincing most of them that the film was about a real missing person’s case. Even after the mystery was revealed to be nothing but a really good fake, audiences still flocked to see three friends in search of supernatural forces to be harassed by. Found footage, paranormal investigation, and viral marketing - all three were inspired by the stratospheric success of this one film, and while it’s become a bit played out in the last few years, Blair Witch still holds up to this day.

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