The Daniel Craig Bond Movies
This entry is the most obvious. Spectre closely follows Skyfall, and in fact, M’s death from that film serves as the impetus for the action this time around. The Daniel Craig films have always felt at least somewhat separate from the rest, existing as their own thing, like a soft reboot. While there have always been connections between his films, the latest endeavor feels very much like the culminating chapter.

Spectre comes together to not only reference the earlier movies, but goes to great lengths to show that Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall are threaded more closely together than we ever suspected. We see images of familiar faces like Vepser Lynd and Le Chiffre pop up all over the place, Mr. White from Quantum of Solace is integral to the story as his daughter is one of the main characters, and we flash back to Silva from Skyfall. These are just a few of the ties between the films, and like I said, Spectre watches very much like a conclusion to the saga.

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