25 WTF, Incredible Things We Spotted In The Jurassic World Trailer

It's here! The Jurassic World trailer is finally here! An adventure 65 million (plus a couple) years in the making has finally shown its face to the public, and it looks spectacular! The nostalgia is running high, and the influences of the 1993 original are more than somewhat felt in this trailer.

Yet there's enough new material to excite us to no end as well, and with that we present 25 moments from the Jurassic World trailer that had us cheering and gasping for air!


Judy Greer Is An Ominous Mom

Right from the get go, we see Judy Greer popping up again this year in a big budget creature feature. Except this time, we actually get to see her (as opposed to in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), and she's joking around with her kids about running from danger. Either she's the worst mother in the world, or she's got plans to send her boys away as children to see them coming home as men.


The Lunch Boat

While Jurassic Park introduced Isla Nublar with a sweeping helicopter tour, that's not exactly a crowd friendly mode of travel. So the next best thing has been employed to get tourists to the excitement of Jurassic World: a high capacity boat. Though this new transport poses a new question: where do you catch the boat to Jurassic World?


Approaching The Gates

In the first major call back to Jurassic Park, we see young Ty Simpkins gazing upon the gates to Jurassic World. Familiar with the threats of demonic possession and super powered mercinaries of fire, Simpkins is about to face something he's never squared off against before. To be honest, anything else would be a step down in his career.


The Park Is Open For Business

John Hammond's dream is alive! The Jurassic World he'd always intended to exist is now up and running, and has been since 2005. Though, to be fair, Hammond did kind of back pedal from his vision once he saw what could go wrong with Jurassic Park, so this might have been his nightmare in his later years.


Boating With Dinosaurs

Probably the coolest and "safest" attraction in Jurassic World is the paddleboat creek! What's more, you can row row row your boat next to some Stegosaruses, as well as other classified herbivores. Just don't get too close to the tails... those plates are for defense, not decoration.

Water Show 1

A Lagoon With A View

Another new addition to the Jurassic World version of the park is a water show. Not even John Hammond could have imagined a park where a huge, semi-circular audience could witness aquatic feats of danger and prehistoric instinct! Although that monorail track is just asking to be attacked! Have these people not played Jurassic Park Builder?

Water Show 2

Forget Sea World

Just when you've started to wonder, "what could possibly be in the water," along comes a dead shark that acts as bait for the aquatic attraction. Not only does this suggest that sharks are the cows of the sea, but sure enough we see this mammoth beauty pop out of the water to feast. I'd try to identify it with my official Jurassic World Spotters Guide, but I'm still frozen in awe struck fear.

Water Show 3

From The Page To The Screen

Colin Trevorrow once told a story about how the concept to Jurassic World was built on the image of kids gawking at the attractions through their cell phones, suggesting a sort of familiarity with what the park is presenting, which would trigger the park's hunger to create something bigger and louder, with more teeth. Guess it's getting to be about that time in the old park.


Masrani Comes To Town

Lo and behold, Jurassic World's owner and impresario, Simon Masrani, looks like he's making a visit to the park. And Bryce Dallas Howard's as-of-yet-unnamed character is waiting to meet him, undoubtedly with news in the "bigger, louder, more teeth" department. What she has to say might just make history: for better or for worse.


A Golden Reminder

As our unnamed Bryce Dallas Howard character extols the virtues of genetic research, particularly with how well it's worked out for Jurassic World. Of course, all of this talk has to be leading up to some sort of massive announcement, doesn't it? As it turns out, it is, and we already know what's coming next... the announcement of a new species!


The Lab Of The Future

If there's a new species to be bred, then clearly a new lab is going to be required. As it turns out, Jurassic World has a new and exciting-looking lab to grow and make the dinosaurs. Though this brings up an interesting question: John Hammond mentioned in The Lost World: Jurassic Park that Isla Nublar was just a "factory showroom," with Isla Sorna doing the bulk of the creation work. Did Masrani salvage that island too?


Hybrid Theory

Sure enough, it's time for Bryce Dallas Howard to make her big pitch to Irrfan Khan's Masrani, as well as whomever else is attending the meeting. The pitch is that the geniuses at Jurassic World have come up with their first genetic hybrid creature. Word on the street says that the creature would be a mix of T-Rex, Raptor, Snake, and Cuttlefish DNA, making it a lethal mess of a villain.


A Mysterious Specimen

We then cut to a jar full of liquid in a lab, all ominous looking with wires connected to it. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was the part of a Cuttlefish specimen. Either that, or the creature in this jar is the link to Universal and Legendary's new Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Skull Island and Jurassic Park shared universe. That last part was a joke, but don't be surprised if it's announced around Christmas.


Man Against Nature

And here he is... Chris Pratt, Star-Lord himself, lecturing Bryce Dallas Howard about the ethics of creating a new creature. Judging by his appearance and skill set, it looks like he dresses like Dr. Grant, spouts bio ethics like Dr. Malcolm, and knows how to control gigantic beasties like Robert Muldoon. If you guys need a moment to catch your breath, take your time. The slides will be waiting for you.


They Climb Walls Now?

After a bunch of human drama and fretting, the "bigger, louder, and toothier" beast finally starts to have its day in the sun. Apparently, this creature is so smart, it can scale a 40-foot wall, while only leaving minimal claw markings. Judging by the implied size of what we see later in the trailer, we can confirm that this probably is minimal claw markings for that beast.


Not Safe For Work

We're next treated to an image of a bloodied helmet and... hold up, is that one of the kids?! What the hell are the kids doing loose in the park? Surely, we expected this, but it still doesn't change the fact that these kids are out and about in a park full of deadly predators! Where the hell is their Gyrosphere thingie they were riding in?

Dino Lord

Time To Evacuate

One of the best parts about this whole trailer is the fact that Chris Pratt is showing off more of the dramatic muscles we know he's been working on, and we're not talking the ones on his arms. While he'll probably have some prime sassing to do throughout the film, he looks deadly serious in this portion of the trailer, as he warns Bryce Dallas Howard to evacuate the park.

Nom Nom Gyrosphere

Another Major Setback

Funny story: we were worrying about the Gyrosphere the kids were riding along in, and also wondering where it might have gone off to. Well it looks like Judy Greer's movie children have run into a bit of a scuffle with the gigantic Mysteriosaurus that InGen has cooked up to drum up attendance. Why do we say that? Click the next slide to see.


The Tooth Of The Matter

Chris Pratt discovered a tooth at the site of the wrecked gyrosphere, and from the looks of it, it's a baby tooth. While the kids are undoubtedly ok, it's still quite a harrowing sight to see such a traumatic wreck just sitting there in the middle of an active theme park. It looks like whatever new creature the folks in the lab have created has gotten out, and it's hungry.


A Time Of Death

Just as we're being introduced to the new creature, we see what looks like an unlucky member of the staff slowly looking up at something that's dripping blood from above him. Judging by the height of the object he's supposedly looking at, it's safe to say that either a corpse (or part of a corpse) is dangling in front of him, or the creature that would create a corpse is standing right in front of him.


Dinosaur Take Out

Next we see this awesome POV shot of an unlucky victim (probably the one we saw before) being dragged away. Now this shot looks rather dark, so one of two things could be true: either this creature is built for night sight, and somehow doesn't visually pick up on sunlight, or the previous shot is going to be edited as a "day for night" shot in post production. Either way, someone's become dinner.


Just A Peek

While the audience might enjoy the sight of Chris Pratt running in front of them, this is a case that probably proves the exception to the rule. Unless you somehow enjoy the mortal peril that Pratt is enduring, as he's running away from the gigantic, mysterious creature that Isla Nublar's staff hath wrought.

Malcolm Sattler

Some Familiar Elements

Bryce Dallas Howard was introduced to us in a white get up that reminded us of John Hammond's outfit from the first Jurassic Park. As you can see in this shot of the Jurassic World trailer, it looks like chaos and carnage will be in her future, as the white outfit has been ditched for an outfit that looks similar to Laura Dern's crisis gear in the first film. Bonus reference: Howard is holding a flare, much like Ian Malcolm during the T-Rex sequence in Jurassic Park. This looks dangerous...


Something Giant This Way Comes

An overhead shot fills the screen, with tourists running from something we can't see just yet. Assuming that this absence of menace is a post-production project waiting to happen, we can safely assume that the Mysteriousaurus is in the background, stomping around and causing all sorts of property damage. It's just that at this time, that moment is still confined to the script level.

Raptor Run

Ride Raptors, Ride!

And now, the best shot of the whole damned Jurassic World trailer... Chris Pratt and his squadron of Raptors! This was the most tantalizing rumor to come out of the initial reports of this trailer, and sure enough we see that Pratt is riding with his own fleet of raptors.. all with call signs! Behold, from left to right: Reaper, Ice Pick, Stranger Danger, El Captitan, and Muerte Grande!

Ok, so we made those names up, but you have to admit, you were thinking the same thing as you watched the Jurassic World trailer come to a close. June 12, 2015 cannot come soon enough!

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