It's here! The Jurassic World trailer is finally here! An adventure 65 million (plus a couple) years in the making has finally shown its face to the public, and it looks spectacular! The nostalgia is running high, and the influences of the 1993 original are more than somewhat felt in this trailer.

Yet there's enough new material to excite us to no end as well, and with that we present 25 moments from the Jurassic World trailer that had us cheering and gasping for air!

Judy Greer Is An Ominous Mom
Right from the get go, we see Judy Greer popping up again this year in a big budget creature feature. Except this time, we actually get to see her (as opposed to in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), and she's joking around with her kids about running from danger. Either she's the worst mother in the world, or she's got plans to send her boys away as children to see them coming home as men.

The Lunch Boat
While Jurassic Park introduced Isla Nublar with a sweeping helicopter tour, that's not exactly a crowd friendly mode of travel. So the next best thing has been employed to get tourists to the excitement of Jurassic World: a high capacity boat. Though this new transport poses a new question: where do you catch the boat to Jurassic World?

Approaching The Gates
In the first major call back to Jurassic Park, we see young Ty Simpkins gazing upon the gates to Jurassic World. Familiar with the threats of demonic possession and super powered mercinaries of fire, Simpkins is about to face something he's never squared off against before. To be honest, anything else would be a step down in his career.

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