This should be obvious, but there are SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below. You’ve been warned.

As the title implies, a big part of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is laying the groundwork for the burgeoning DC Extended Universe and leading into the Justice League movies. We spend the most time with Batman and Superman (obviously), and Wonder Woman plays a small but substantial role. However, a number of other comic book characters that will be important show up in quick glimpses.

The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman all have cameos and are part of Lex Luthor’s list of meta-humans, and all will figure prominently in the Justice League movies and get their own solo adventures. However, after watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the one I’m most excited to see is Aquaman, and I can’t wait to see more from the King of Atlantis on the big screen, played by Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, in both his team up and solo adventures. Here’s why.

The Character Will Finally Get His Due
Rightly or wrongly, Aquaman has often been portrayed in popular culture as something rather silly. (It’s hard to consider the character and not immediately think of that Saturday Night Live skit where the other Justice League members mock him and tell him to go talk to some fish.) That, of course, is not the case; the King of Atlantis has a long, rich history in the comics, and especially in the New 52 stories, he’s a badass. We only catch a quick glimpse of him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but what we see definitely indicates that this Aquaman will not be the butt of anyone’s jokes. Jason Momoa’s incarnation of the character looks tough as nails and cool as hell, and though director James Wan has promised a "fun" tone in comparison to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, rest assured that Aquaman will not be someone to trifle with, either as part of the Justice League or on his own.

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