Doctor Strange is just under two years away from release, but the film is slowly getting its primary characters assembled. Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast as the titular character, Daniel Bruhl’s character in Captain America: Civil War is rumored to be this film’s villain, and Ken Watanabe, Bill Nighy and Morgan Freeman have all been mentioned as contenders for Strange’s mentor. We’ve even speculated on how Marvel could fit Al Pacino into the production. Now another name has been thrown into the mix: 12 Years a Slave star Chiwetel Ejiofor. The negotiations are in the early stages right now, but if a deal can be worked out, this will be a major score for Doctor Strange.

Reports differ over what Ejiofor’s role entails. Some say he’s playing the villain, others say it’s still up in the air who he’ll be, although it will definitely be a leading role. This leaves plenty of options from the good Doctor’s cast of allies and enemies for the Oscar nominee to play. Here are our five picks of important roles that Ejiofor could bring to life in Marvel’s 2016 magical adventure.

>5. The Ancient One
5. The Ancient One
Doctor Strange’s mentor is typically an older man, and the previous rumor of Watanabe, Nighy and Freeman being looked at for the role suggest Marvel may follow the same pattern. However, this is a film that will be chock full of magic and supernatural forces. He may be hundreds of years old, but who’s to say that The Ancient One can’t look like a younger man? As wise as he is, he may want to maintain a youthful appearance Dorian Gray-style. It’s been suggested that Doctor Strange will not be an origin film, so if Ejiofor is playing the elderly sorcerer, he would appear either in flashbacks or in spirit form from beyond the grave. Nevertheless, despite Ejiofor actually being younger than Cumberbatch, the actor would likely be able to give a unique spin on the character in an outside-the-box kind of way.

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