Sony is headed into the great wide open with a female superhero set to debut in 2017. This will be one of their Marvel properties, and after the opening of Guardians Of The Galaxy, there is no better time to wear that Marvel logo. The only problem? Well, can you name any female heroes within the Spider-Man universe? Sony is stretching their rights license pretty far here, particularly considering the bulk of viable, under-exploited characters they do own is primarily male (Morbius comes to mind).

Still, there are characters out there who can fit the bill. Spider-Man is one of the few characters that, in comics and film, has appealed heavily to women. There's a fanbase there. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not have reached a theatrical profit, but it hit $700 million, reaching a really heavy number of eyeballs. So, who will Sony's next female superhero be? Here are five guesses.

Oddly enough, Sony still has the rights to this character even though she really doesn't have much to do with Spider-Man. Jessica Drew is actually a SHIELD agent, one who served as a spy for multiple agencies before later uncovering her true identity. Appropriately enough, the character has undergone several facelifts in the comics, but she's always had those spider-like abilities that fans would instantly recognize. Serving as an Avenger for several years, she's probably the second most-decorated hero character that Sony owns.

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