Even though Batman and Superman are fighting each other in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, neither heroes are the movie’s villain. That honor belongs to Lex Luthor, who is being played by Jesse Eisenberg. After hearing his voice in April’s teaser, the Comic-Con trailer finally showed scenes of Superman’s bald-headed nemesis (Or, at least he’ll eventually be bald). In the footage, he’s just sporting an ugly hairdo. Seriously, various Lex Luthors have had bad hair, but this ranks near the top.

Bad hair choices aside, little has been revealed of what Lex Luthor’s role in this film will be outside of the obvious: he’ll be up to no good. The trailer gave us a better idea of what to expect from him, and while the specifics are still a mystery, it appears Mr. Luthor has dastardly plans in the works to torment Superman. These are the biggest things we learned about the chief antagonist from the special preview.

He Has Connections With The Government
He Has Connections With The Government
When you’re a billionaire industrialist, it’s expected that you have political allies. In the trailer, we saw Holly Hunter’s character, an unnamed senator, meeting with Luthor in his luxurious mansion - complete with elaborate fireplace. Why the senator is specifically there is unclear, but judging by Luthor’s "devils come from below us" line, they’re talking about the danger Superman poses. One persistent and ugly rule in this world is that money talks. Luthor has a grudge against Superman, and although he has significant resources at his disposal, it also looks like he’s using his government connections to push his agenda forward. It’s clear he’s manipulating her to expand his influence, and that won’t be good for anybody… well, except himself of course.

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