It’s been four long months since we’ve received any serious fix for our Star Wars addiction but now we finally have a new trailer for a new film to parse until there’s nothing left. While we’ve known what the basic plot of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would be for some time, that’s the only piece of information that we knew for sure. With the release of the first trailer, we finally some real images of what Rogue One will look like and who the characters in it will be.

While only one of our new characters has a name so far, we can make some educated guesses about who all these new people are based on how they are portrayed in the trailer. Here’s a rundown of everybody we’re seeing for the first time in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones' character has the distinction of being the one new character who is actually given a name. Jyn Erso is a criminal. She’s a forger, a thief, and she’s capable of violence. Have we got a job for you! Due to Jyn Erso’s penchant for breaking laws, the Rebel Alliance decides to use her skills to assist them in getting information on the Empire’s new weapons system. She looks like she might be a bit of a hard case, but that also means she’s probably very capable of doing the job. She looks to take down a few Stormtroopers on her own, and that’s without having to resort to The Force.

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Diego Luna
Based on what we see here, Diego Luna’s character looks to be our elusive "male lead" character. We see him very early in the trailer inside the rebel base where Jyn Erso is making her deal. We’ll call him her "handler" for the moment. The Rebel Alliance knows that Jyn Erso has the skills, but they’d be crazy to trust her completely. We see Luna’s character with Felicity Jones at the Rebel base at another point as well, which implies these two will be working closely together.

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