With the new year finally upon us, it’s a little over seven months until Suicide Squad hits theaters. While 2015 did provide revelations about the movie’s lineup and what these characters have to offer, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Footage-wise, all we’ve seen so far is the Comic-Con first look, but with a new trailer coming in a few weeks, fans will have a lot of new action to chew on. However, until the movie is actually released, we won’t exactly know what to expect, such as how deep the movie will delve into the source material.

While comic book movies are rarely direct adaptations of iconic storylines, there are usually certain moments lifted from the printed page adapted to fit within the big screen story. Since Suicide Squad is working off the group’s history from the 1980s to the New 52, there are plenty of moments to draw on from these different eras. These are the moments from both their classic and modern eras we hope Suicide Squad shows to its moviegoers. By doing so, they kill two birds with one stone: providing key details and action sequences to moviegoers and paying homage to the original stories.

Amanda Waller Blowing Up One Of The Members
Amanda Waller Blowing Up One Of The Members
The arrangement between the villainous Suicide Squad recruits and the U.S. government is a simple one. If they can complete a set number of dangerous missions and survive, they’ll be given leniency of some kind. However, some of these criminals don’t want to cooperate, which is why Amanda Waller has taken extra precautions: having them implanted with micro bombs. If a member of the Squad tries to escape or in any way endanger the mission purposefully, she presses a button, and they go boom. No fuss, no muss. Waller will almost certainly have this contingency in place during the movie, but talk is cheap. We need to see this demonstrated on one of the expendable D-listers, like Diablo or Slipknot. (No offense, guys.) If one of them tries to cause trouble during the first or second mission, Waller will light them up with out blinking an eye to show that she’s not messing around. If you operate on the Squad, you play by her rules. Otherwise, you get lit up.

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