Early this morning, Robert Downey Jr. himself revealed a new Avengers: Age of Ultron poster featuring Tony Stark clad in his iconic armor getting ready to face off against Ultron’s robot minions. But while the poster certainly looks cool, it was the message that it came with that actually wound up being more intriguing. On his personal Facebook page, Downey wrote that there’s is a big announcement coming in eight days, followed by the hashtag #getexcited. Giving fans an Iron Man-centric poster would have been plenty to get us excited, but teasing something potentially huge? How are we going to be able to focus until March 5th?!?!

Granted, exaggeration is big in show business, and what Downey has planned may not measure up as a "big announcement" to the geek community. That being said, there are a lot of ideas about what we might see pop up soon, from something that involves Tony Stark’s future to a revelation about the general MCU. Using deductive reasoning (like the infamous detective Downey Jr. plays in a different big screen franchise), here are the six likeliest possibilities for next week’s announcement might be.

6. Something Non-Marvel
6. Something Non-Marvel
Let’s not kid ourselves: not everything in Robert Downey Jr.’s career revolves around his business at Marvel. As much as we want this promised announcement to be something MCU-related, this is the actor’s personal Facebook page we’re talking about, not Marvel’s. It’s a distinct possibility that the big news will actually be for another project that he’s joined/finally allowed to talk about. Perhaps Sherlock Holmes 3 is finally getting off of the ground, or The Judge is getting that sequel everyone is begging for (okay, maybe not that last one). This wouldn’t be the first time that he’s done this. That being said, it would be weird for Downey to use a poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron as the venue to hint at something non-Marvel related, so if it’s a different project he’ll be announcing, he needs to be prepared for backlash from the Marvel fanbase, like name calling and obscenity-laced rants… so basically a normal day on the internet.

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