The superhero genre is about to go back to its roots in a major way. With the announcement of a Doc Savage movie, the genre will soon explore a pulp novel whose traits, personality and adventures laid the groundwork for the cape-clad heroes that would follow him for decades. As if that news isn’t great enough, we also have learned that none other than walking human charisma machine Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will front the whole affair.

All that being said, not everyone knows that much about Doc Savage. Sure, he’s got a badass name, but is The Rock really the right performer to take on such an iconic yet underexplored character? We definitely think so. We’ve gone through the Doc Savage lore, as well as The Rock’s own career, and come up with six major reasons why he’s the perfect actor to bring Doc Savage to a modern, mainstream audience. Now let’s get started with the most obvious reason of them all…

Doc Savage Is A Physical Specimen
Out of all the reasons why The Rock is perfect for the role of Doc Savage, this one should be the most readily obvious. Much like Dwayne Johnson, Doc Savage is a physical specimen who has trained himself from birth to possess physical strength and stamina at the peak of human abilities. The character has most often been depicted as a bronze-skinned, muscle-bound mountain of a man, and no modern action star fits that description better than the former wrestler turned cinematic hero. Over the last two decades, the actor has made a name for himself by inhabiting heroes who can overcame immense physical obstacles by looking them dead in the eye and meeting the challenge head on, while looking the part the entire time; Doc Savage could represent the pinnacle of that ideal for The Rock’s career.

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