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The moment has arrived where the brand new trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice has officially dropped. Jimmy Kimmel Live landed the big moment, much like they had with the Captain America: Civil War trailer reveal. And just like the last trailer to drop on Kimmel's stage, this new look at Zack Snyder's superhero epic did not disappoint. More specifically, there were eight things we noticed that made us excited about what we'll see in theaters next March.

Bruce Wayne Hates The Daily Planet
The trailer begins with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting at a LexCorp gala, which leads to Clark editorializing about how Batman's crusade against crime in Gotham is "trampling civil liberties." Not one to take the competition lightly, Bruce slams The Daily Planet's style of reporting, particularly the habit they have of idolizing Superman every time he does something. The best dig he gets in on the son of Krypton, is about how in Gotham has "a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns." Someone's got to break these two up, and fast.
Lex Luthor Literally Sets Up The Film's Central Conflict
Like clockwork, Lex Luthor's first appearance in this trailer comes at a moment to break the tension between our two titular titans. While we know we're going to see Luthor lose his shit later on, it's still pretty damned funny to see the megalomaniac playing daft party host. Only a man with brains like his would dare touch two of the world's finest heroes the way he does with Bruce and Clark, and even he knows he's outmatched as he does it. If Batman and Superman's conflict really is the greatest gladiatorial match, as Luthor says it is, then it sure looks like he considers himself the emperor to decide who lives and who dies.
Bat Army
Batman Has A Winged Army
While we'd heard source citing the use of drones in this older Batman's crime fighting spree, we might have just gotten our first look at them tonight. During a quick shot of Batman fighting his way out of Superman's heavily enforced camp of soldiers, we see Bats fighting his way out of custody – while the sky is filled with winged creatures that can pick a man up with their feet. Not only does it look like Bruce Wayne has designed some sweet assed drones, it looks like he's even outfitted them with his customary bat motif.
Bat Wing
The Batwing Takes Flight
Speaking of flight, we saw another shot of what we originally thought would be a Bat Drone, swinging into action and taking the fight to Superman. Only, it wasn't a Bat Drone, but rather the Bat Wing! With a more aerodynamic design than any of the other incarnations we've seen before, the Bat Wing in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice was quite the surprising reveal in this trailer. Even more amazing is seeing the craft at work, trying to take down Superman with some of the best firepower known to humanity. Of course, it's not enough to win.
There's A Lot More Humor Than We Expected
DC Comics cultivated the image of being the less humorous of the two major comic companies when they allegedly revealed a "no joke" policy for their films. Well, whoever put that news into the open must have been pleasantly surprised by the humorous beats that got mixed in with the sheer action on display in this evening's trailer. The best part is, not all of those jokes are limited to Lex Luthor, as both title card heroes got in some entertaining digs at each other, as well as their surroundings.
Doomsday Is Officially In Play
While it's been whispered, rumored, and heavily implied that Doomsday would be the villain in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, we can now say that it's officially true. What's also true is that Lex Luthor has used General Zod's corpse as the genetic building blocks for his god-killing devil. A little lightning, some gene manipulation, and some cleverly written platitudes later, and we've got the monster that would be Superman's assassin. Of course, knowing Zack Snyder, he's probably just using the monster as an excuse to unite The Trinity, as opposed to flat out cribbing the story line of Superman's death.
Batman's Voice Is Thanks To Modulator Tech
If we had a nickel for every time someone complained about Christian Bale's Bat Voice in The Dark Knight Trilogy, we'd probably have enough to buy the Batwing we've always wanted. Which means that someone in the writing room was paying attention, and instead gave Ben Affleck's Batman a voice modulator to change his voice into a threatening, yet still coherent boom of justice. While we were expecting something a little sexier, we can't say we're disappointed.
The Trinity Is Shown, At Last
At 2014's San Diego Comic Con, Zack Snyder started promoting the notion of Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice introducing us to what is known as the "DC Trinity. Since then, we've barely seen Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together in the same room, but less in the same footage. Well that ended tonight, as our best look at the upcoming film showed us all three heroes, assemlbing themselves judicially in order to take on the threat known as Doomsday. If that's not this trailer's money shot, then we don't know what is.
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