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The French take a lot of flack for being... well... French. But every once in awhile they haul off and do something super cool. You won't want to miss this.

The guys over at AICN have dug up the trailer to a sweet looking little French movie called Renaissance. After watching the trailer, I hit the web looking for more on the movie, and dug up some gorgeous stills from it. Take a look at this. This is a shot from the movie, not a panel out of a comic book.

We've got even more stunning stills from the film here in our photo gallery.

Obviously the movie uses a style similar to that of Sin City, only as Knowles points out, without any of the grey tones. It's as if someone took Sin City and then dialed up the contrast. It's being picked up and brought to America by Miramax in September, and if you think those stills were eye-popping, then you'll want to check out the trailer here.

Don't worry, it's not in French. The film is being re-voiced over by American actors, including the new James Bond Daniel Craig. Here's the short official plot synopsis for it, though clearly this is a movie that's all about the visuals:

"Paris 2054. Ilona Tassueiv, a young and brilliant researcher is violently kidnapped. Avalon, a giant multinational corporation and her employer, wants her found at any cost. Dellenbach, Avalon's CEO, has requested that Officer Bartholomew Karas, a hostage retrieval specialist and the most controversial cop in the force, be in charge of the case..."

Keep an eye out for this one in September, and for more details on it check out our newly generated preview page for it.

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