An Official Bruce Lee Biopic Is In The Works, Get The Details

Whenever we talk about action, stunt work, or martial arts in a modern context, the name Bruce Lee is one that always tends to come up. The talent and effort that he put into his performances was always something to admire, be it in such films as Enter The Dragon, The Way Of The Dragon, or even in the television version of The Green Hornet that inspired the 2011 adaptation. Yet despite his impressive legacy, there's never been an official film detailing the life and times of the legendary performer. At least, that was the case until today's announcement that his family is seeking to tell the full story of Bruce Lee's extraordinary life.

Collider ran a press release naming Shannon Lee, Bruce's daughter, as a producer on the still developing project. Lawrence Grey and Janet Yang, of Leaving Las Vegas and The People vs. Larry Flynt fame – respectively, will also serve as producers on the project, which is supposedly the first time the Lee family has been fully involved in bringing Bruce's story to life.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Bruce Lee's life story has been told on the big screen, as director Rob Cohen had previously made Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story for Universal back in 1993. While the film was well regarded, and made some pretty decent box office coin, it only used the autobiography of Bruce Lee's widow, Linda Lee Caldwell, as reference. The film also played heavily in the waters of the supernatural, chalking up the fate of Bruce Lee's untimely death to a family curse.

Revisiting the life story of a major Hollywood star isn't all that new, but in this case it's nice to see that Bruce Lee's daughter is getting involved. On one hand, this involvement could bring a new layer of depth to the film, which is exactly what it sounds like Shannon Lee is trying to do with her statement that this new film will try to show, "not just his kick-ass physicality, but the depth of his character and beliefs." Of course, there's the downside to such a close family involvement with a biopic of such a beloved figure – and that's the lack of objectivity.

Being human, we all remember things in a certain regard that's unique to us. When we try to tell such stories to others, we tend to gloss over some of the less beautiful parts of the story. That's not to say that there's any particular negative sides to Lee's life, but rather it's saying that there is a chance of hero worship clouding the proceedings of the film's quest for the truth. In any case, the Bruce Lee legacy being honored by a member of the family that Lee tragically left behind is definitely something to be excited about.

No creative talent or production schedule have been named to the untitled Bruce Lee biopic at this time.

Mike Reyes
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