Another Highlander Starts

Well it's confirmed. There really is another Highlander movie happening. No, I'm not talking about that crappy anime one. Ugh, that thing really looks horrible. No, I'm talking about the story we brought you last month about Highlander: The Source.

Davis-Panzer Productions have announced the film will start shooting in Lithuania in October. As rumored, Adrian Paul will be in the lead as Scottish swordsman Duncan McLeod. The Source will be the story of the Immortals quest to locate the Holy Grail of their world. Correct me if I'm wrong… but isn't that what Connor found in the first film by cutting off all the other immortals heads? Ah Highlander, never has a franchise been so damned determined not to make sense.

Hopefully, what this means is that this will be a prequel to the original movie. If they're smart, it'll pick up the story of Duncan McLeod started in the TV series, which was loosely set in a period before the first Highlander. That might actually work. Or, the Holy Grail could be some damned stupid chalice. If that's the case, count me out right now. Highlander fandom has been kicked enough.