Ant-Man Has A Lot In Common With Another Marvel Movie

When the cinematic shrinking superhero, Ant-Man hits this summer, one of the most important holes existing in the lineup of Marvel Studios’ team of The Avengers will finally be filled. Yet, despite its connection to those colossal crossovers and the general super-serious tone of the Ant-Man trailer, anyone the least bit familiar with the character would tell you that a potential Ant-Man story would likely be filled with comedy. Well, according to one of the film’s co-stars, not only is the film filled with lightheartedly hilarious moments, it may even remind moviegoers of another Marvel movie that had fans "hooked on a feeling."

In an interview with Nuke The Fridge, Ant-Man co-star, Bobby Cannavale discusses his role in the upcoming size-shifting film and, based on the experiences he recounts, this film seemed to feel more like a collaboration with great comedic minds, rather than a serious superhero saga; especially with star, Paul Rudd front and center. In fact, the name of last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy was brought up to illustrate the humorous balance it will carry.

It’s pretty funny. I think so. I haven’t seen anything but it felt funny. It’s Paul [Rudd], so I think they’re not hiring Paul Rudd to be The Winter Soldier. It’s going to have a sense of levity to it, like Guardians. Guardians is a blue chips superhero movie but it’s a pretty funny film. They just got the right people.

Considering that Ant-Man is working off a script that has been re-written by cinematic comedy guru, Adam McKay and Rudd himself, Cannavale’s words seem to confirm the humorous tone that was generally assumed about the film. This idea certainly seemed to be hinted in the trailer, with sporadic snippets of Paul Rudd playing foil against some serious dialogue with his signature dry, awkward humor. It does seem that in this aspect of "taking serious things in humorous stride," that Ant-Man will draw its tone similarly to Guardians, which displayed its comedically-inclined star, Chris Pratt, as main hero Star-Lord, traipsing through the galaxy as if his adventures, despite their highs and lows, were one long party.

Likewise, Ant-Man will probably often use Rudd’s humor and timing to accentuate the absurdity of the situation in which he finds himself, simultaneously reaching out to casual audiences who might think the very idea of a guy in a red suit with a gas mask shrinking and growing in size may be a bit campy for a premise. However, that is not to say that the action will be scarce. Cannavale, who plays the role of Paxton -- a friend of Rudd’s main character, Scott Lang -- hints that even his supporting character could be getting into the thick of the action in some of the film’s intense size-shaping sequences. As Cannavale explains,

I spend so much time in front of a blue screen and that was just a trip for me. I’m not used to that kind of thing, but it was a really good combination of bringing a real, off-the-cuff sensibility to a big huge action movie. That was really fun.

For Rudd’s roguish reprobate, Scott Lang, the events of the film represents an opportunity at redemption in the eyes of his young daughter. While it carries a seemingly serious setup, all the elements in place should provide Ant-Man plenty opportunity for comedic gold.

Ant-Man will ride its way on the back of insect airplanes to theaters on July 17.