Few projects have been in development at Marvel Studios longer than Ant-Man. When the company was first laying out its plans for what would eventually become the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the shrinking superhero was originally going to be a part of Phase One, but over time other movies took precedent and the film was repeatedly pushed back. In 2015, however, Ant-Man is finally making his way to the big screen.

But what will the movie be about? Who has been put in charge of making it? Which rumors can we believe, and which ones are fake? Like we do with all major releases, we’ve put together a handy guide that will help you get all of the facts straight and learn what really is going on with Ant-Man. Read on and learn!

The Director
It was all the way back in 2006 – two years before the release of Iron Man - that director Edgar Wright was hired to make the first theatrical film based around the Marvel Comics hero Ant-Man, but ultimately it was not meant to be. Just a few weeks before production was scheduled to begin, it was revealed that Wright and Marvel were parting ways over creative differences, leaving the studio to search for a new director.

After a long search that saw names rumored like Adam McKay, Nicholas Stoller, David Wain and Rawson Marshall Thurber, Marvel ended up choosing director Peyton Reed as Edgar Wright’s successor. While Reed doesn’t really have any experience making action movies – his resume instead featuring titles like Bring It On and Down With Love - he has had ties to the comic book company in the past, and was even considered as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy before the gig went to James Gunn.

The Story
Prior to leaving the project, director Edgar Wright and his Adventures of Tintin co-writer Joe Cornish had been hired to write the screenplay for Ant-Man, it was changes that Marvel wanted to make to the script that eventually drove them away from the project. While they are still getting credit for their work on the film and the story, the most recent draft of the script was penned by Adam McKay and star Paul Rudd.

Centering on two different generations of the Ant-Man character, the film largely centers on Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a small-time crook who gets enlisted by a genius scientist named Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to help him protect the science of his Ant-Man suit and the miraculous shrinking Pym Particles from those who wish to use the technology for evil.

Dr. Hank Pym
In the comics, Dr. Hank Pym is a genius scientist who becomes a superhero after discovering the Pym Particles – which allow him to shrink down to the size of an insect while maintaining relative strength. In the film, he will be portrayed by the legendary Michael Douglas – though you shouldn’t be expecting him to go into full superhero mode. Instead, Douglas has confirmed that he won’t be strapping on a costume in the film, and is instead leaving those duties to his younger co-star. Not much is known about how the character will be portrayed, but given what was shown at San Diego Comic-Con we do know that he isn’t a huge fan of the superhero game.

Scott Lang
Scott Lang
Scott Lang was the second character in Marvel Comics to take on the Ant-Man mantle, though he didn’t exactly start off on the side of honesty and justice. As will be portrayed in the film, with the great Paul Rudd taking on the role, Lang is a petty crook who is simply trying to make ends meet so that he can take care of his daughter. At this stage it’s not entirely clear how he winds up first crossing paths with Michael Douglas’ Dr. Hank Pym to become the new Ant-Man – other than the fact that Pym hires Lang to do a job for him – but surely those details will be revealed in time.

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