Avengers Concept Art Shows The Quinjet In Flight

One of the biggest problems comic-to-film adaptations have faced over the years is the simple fact that often what looks good on the page looks, well, silly when projected onto a giant screen. Comic movies almost always have to take liberties with the costumes and other elements that fans know well. Sometimes it works, and sometimes you just wind up with nipples on your Batsuit.

With this summer's upcoming Avengers movie, Joss Whedon and company have this problem front and center, since they've got a half dozen well known heroes, plus at least two villains, that fans have been reading about for decades. Thankfully, there are some elements of Avengers mythology that lend themselves more to free interpretation. Take, for instance, the Quinjet, the Avengers' pimped-out ride that gets them from here to there in style. Like the Batmobile, the Quinjet has been redesigned dozens of times in the comics over the years, so there really isn't any definitive look for the jet. It could pretty much look like anything, as long as it's stylish and it flies.

So what will the Avengers be kicking around town in? The Russian website Spidermedia.ru has posted a piece of purported Avengers concept art, so the Quinjet might look a little something like this:

The site doesn't list an artist or any other info, so take this one with a grain of salt. It certainly looks like it could be an Avengers Quinjet, but it's also not sporting any definitive insignia. It could be clip art from a Lockheed-Martin catalog for all I know. We'll find out for sure next May, when The Avengers storm into theaters everywhere.