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Scott Lang will be working alongside many of the Avengers next year in Captain America: Civil War, but for his theatrical debut, he’s already eager to enlist them. With Ant-Man two weeks away from release, Marvel is making one last marketing push to plug the tiny superhero’s movie, and in the latest trailer, they name-drop the superhero team as potential allies. Take a look.

In the newest preview for the July blockbuster, Hank Pym explains to Scott (Paul Rudd) how they need to stop Darren Cross, Hank’s former assistant, from getting the Ant-Man technology out into the world. Scott wisely offers a suggestion on how do handle this precarious situation: "I think our first move should be calling the Avengers." Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like corporate espionage falls under their Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ job description, leaving Scott to use the Ant-Man suit to stop Cross, a.k.a. Yellowjacket, with the help of Hank, Hope Van Dyne, and his prison buddies.

Still, it wasn’t stupid of Scott to mention bringing in the Avengers. Frankly, this is a question all of Marvel’s newest superheroes should ask, whether it’s Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, or the Netflix vigilantes. Having stopped Loki, Ultron, Baron Strucker, and various other villains, the Avengers are the powerhouses of the MCU, so if you can get them to help you, you’ve got it made. Then again, now that their base is in upstate New York, maybe they’re not as easy to get ahold of.

Another fun comment comes when Hank proclaims that his work "isn’t some cute technology like the Iron Man suit." Unfortunately for Hank, his dialogue is heard over footage of Scott charging towards a closed door, shrinking so that he can fly though the keyhole and then slamming into a wall as he reverts to his normal size, leaving the scientist to utter, "We’re doomed." It’s okay, Scott, it took Tony Stark some time to get use to his Mark II armor. Remember when his leg thrusters slammed him into his garage wall? Hank’s comment also sounds similar to when Daredevil villain James Wesley told some criminals he would understand why they kept getting beat up a guy in a mask if he had "an iron suit or magic hammer."

You can see Scott Lang take on the bad guys (without the Avengers) when Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17.

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