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Back in March of last year, everyone in Hollywood went ape-shit when a workprint version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked online and was downloaded by millions of fanboys who couldn't wait for the release of the film. Fox treated the incident like it was the apocalypse, fearing that the film would die at the box office because everyone had already seen it. Turns out that the fear was completely unjustified as the film, as unbelievably awful as it was, went on to make $180 million domestically, with $85 million coming in the opening weekend. Now it's happening again, just with a very different kind of movie.

Vulture is reporting that the upcoming Jennifer Lopez film The Back-Up Plan has bean leaked online and is making the rounds through the BitTorrent system. According to the report, the copy of the film is high quality as it was ripped from a DVD screener. The film has experienced three release delays already and is scheduled to arrive in theaters this Friday.

While X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a film version of comic genocide, the leak made sense because, and pardon me for stereotyping, geeks like comic books and downloading movies. So what the hell are they doing watching what appears to be a cookie-cutter romantic comedy? Perhaps it is time for me to put on my conspiracy theory hat and say that CBS leaked the film themselves, so that if it does poorly they just blame those damn pirates. It's not exactly a new strategy.

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