Bad Boys 3 Just Took A Huge Step Forward

We've been hearing about a potential future for a Bad Boys 3 for many, many years now - but today the project actually seems like it finally has a legitimate chance of happening. This is because the folks at Sony Pictures are enlisting a first-rate screenwriter to pen the script for the next chapter in the Will Smith-Martin Lawrence action franchise.

Deadline has gotten word from insiders that Sony is in early talks with writer/director Joe Carnahan to steer the future of the Bad Boys franchise. He will be picking up where the last screenwriter to work on the project - David Guggenheim - left off. What's perhaps even more significant is the fact that Carnahan may even be given the option to direct the movie himself - which would certainly be big news considering Michael Bay helmed both of the previous two installments.

Certainly some of you won't recognize Joe Carnahan's name, but most of you will recognize him by his work. He first gained notoriety for the dark cop drama Narc, and more recently earned critical acclaim for his Liam-Neeson-Stranded-In-The-Arctic thriller The Grey. He first got into the franchise game in 2010 with the movie adaption of The A-Team, and on the big screen most recently made the dark comedy Stretch. He has been spending some time in television recently, creating the series State of Affairs and helming a couple episodes of The Blacklist. Of course, potentially both writing and directing Bad Boys 3 is a great way for him to get right back into the features game.

Apparently Sony wants to put Bad Boys 3 on the fast track - and not just because they could really use a big hit. The studio is apparently hoping that they can have a movie ready to go by the time that Will Smith is done with production on Suicide Squad - which is currently filming up in Toronto. If all goes according to plan, that could mean that we might see the next installment of the Bad Boys franchise in theaters some time in 2016.

Joe Carnahan has certainly shown a knack for putting together big and awesome set pieces, which could very much come in handy when it comes to making a Bad Boys 3 - but do you think he would be a good choice to direct, or would you want Michael Bay to return? (especially now that he's done with Transformers movies). Answer our poll below, and tell us what you think in the comments section!

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