Benedict Cumberbatch Is Playing Doctor Strange, Here Are The Specifics

Over the last few months we've heard rumors about a number of different actor being up for the part of Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - from Joaquin Phoenix to Jared Leto to Keanu Reeves - but only now do we finally have the answer to this seemingly endless riddle. Marvel Studios has finally found their Doctor Strange star, and it's none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.

This huge news comes to us from Deadline, which says that the Sherlock star is now in final negotiations with the comic book movie company to star in the planned, Scott Derrickson-directed feature - which it appears is being planned for release in 2016. When the casting rumors about the project started heating up in June, Cumberbatch was actually one of the first names suggested, along with Tom Hardy. The actor somewhat addressed the rumors at San Diego Comic-Con in July, but that story was somewhat drowned out by the news that Joaquin Phoenix was Marvel's top choice to play their Master of the Mystic Arts. Obviously a lot has changed in the last few months, and now it seems Cumberbatch is about to be locked in.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-class neurosurgeon who saw his life shattered when a car accident left him with two useless hands. Searching the world for some kind of cure he winds up in the Himalayas and meets a hermit called the Ancient One. Under this man's tutilage, Strange begins to learn about the power of magic and becomes a master of the art. Scott Derrickson, who is best known for making horror movies like Deliver Us From Evil and Sinister, is attached to direct the Doctor Strange movie, and Jon Spaihts is writing the screenplay. The plan is to start production next year in England, and while it hasn't been officially announced, it is presumed that the film will be released on July 8, 2016 - making it the second Marvel Studios film of the year after Joe and Anthony Russo's Captain America 3.

Benedict Cumberbatch has taken on big franchise roles before, having starred as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, but this role is obviously in a completely different league (partially because it will involve him signing a multi-picture deal with Marvel Studios). I would personally say that Cumberbatch is a pretty obvious choice for the role of Doctor Strange, and I'm excited to see what he does with the part, but what do all of you think? Do you believe Marvel has made the right choice? Answer our poll below and expand on your thoughts in the comments section!

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Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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