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With a plot that was raucous, humorous and emotional, The Best Man Holiday engaged audiences when it hit theaters in November. In just a short time, the film will also be able to bring good cheer to audiences in their own homes. In what has to be considered a pretty quick turnaround, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is bringing The Best Man Holiday onto Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on February 11, 2014.

best man holiday blu-ray

The rom com is a sequel to the 1999 film, The Best Man. In the new flick, the old college pals meet up to celebrate the holidays together. Once the gang assembles, old feuds resurface and the guys and gals must find time to make amends and learn to get along. Additionally, one of the characters’ health issues play a central role in The Best Man Holiday, leading to a film that is funny, touching, and in its best moments, heartfelt. It’s also a well-liked enough flick that talks for a sequel are already in the works.

The film supports a top-notch ensemble cast, including Terrence Howard, Nia Long, Tay Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Regina Hall, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa, Sanaa Lathan and more. If the cast reunion is enough to get you on board to purchase the film, you’ll have several different options to choose from. The Blu-ray combo pack will come with the works, including a DVD, Digital HD and UltraViolet copy. Solo DVD and Digital copies will also be available.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment usually puts together fairly extensive sets, and The Best Man Holiday looks as if it will be no exception. If you spring for the Blu-ray combo pack, you’ll get the alternate ending put together for the film, as well as additional scenes and a special featurette just for the release. A few additional extras will also be a part of the DVD release. You can check out more information related to the extras, below, or pre-order the movie over at Amazon.

Best Man Holiday Blu-ray Exclusive Extras
  • Alternate Ending
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes with Commentary by Malcolm D. Lee
  • "Smack Talk: Filming The Girl Fight Scen"e—Step into the ring to learn how the big fight scene was filmed. Hear from stars Regina Hall and Melissa De Sousa and Malcolm D. Lee.
Best Man Holiday Blu-ray and DVD Extras
  • Gag Reel
  • "Holiday Reunion: The Making of The Best Man Holiday"—Join the cast and crew of the of The Best Man Holiday to find out how the characters, and the actors who play them, have evolved in the 14 years since the first film and what it’s like for them to be working together again, as well as how "new kid on the block" Eddie Cibrian fits in, and what writer and director Malcolm D. Lee brings to the franchise.
  • Feature Commentary By Malcolm D. Lee
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