Can You Guess Enchanted 2's Sorta Awesome, Sorta Groan-Worthy Title?

Released all the way back in 2007, when Patrick Dempsey was viewed as a viable leading man, Enchanted tapped into Amy Adams’ endless well of effortless charm for a high-concept, modern-day fairy tale that was witty, wondrous and – most important – successful. A sequel should have been a no brainer, but nothing really materialized… until now.

Collider has the scoop that a sequel to Enchanted is getting closer to the fast track, taking a concept that has been in development for years over at Walt Disney and prepping it for a possible shoot. They even go so far as to claim that the title for the new movie, wouldn’t be Enchanted 2, as you might expect. It would be Disenchanted.

Beyond that, there aren’t a lot of details. Collider isn’t sure what the story would be about. Nor does the site know if any of the film’s original stars – from Adams and Dempsey to James Marsden and Susan Sarandon – would return for the sequel. The idea behind Enchanted is such that you could easily continue telling stories in this world without having to revisit Adams’ character, the princess Giselle. At the same time, she was so entertaining in the role (as was everyone in the cast, really) that it’d be a missed opportunity not to approach her for a chance to be in the sequel.

Enchanted, directed by Kevin Lima, casts Amy Adams as a storybook princess who is transported from her "animated" kingdom to the not-so-magical land of New York City. Because she’s used to fairy tale life, she can’t imagine why the mice and bugs that she is singing to don’t help her clean the apartment or cook a meal. It’s a clever joke, one that is sold repeatedly by Adams, who is willing to try anything in the role.

If you watch a lot of Disney Channel (and we happen to in our family), you’ll know that the formula for a sequel is to reverse the pattern. Which means, my guess for Disenchanted is that a disenfranchised NYC teen gets sent to Giselle’s animated land, and encounters all sorts of problems. Too easy? Possibly, but that would help them set up a sequel without having to get Amy Adams involved. Cast a new lead actress, let her tumble through the wormhole, and mine the new scenarios for laughs.

Collider notes that Anne Fletcher of The Proposal is attached to direct the sequel at the moment. More on Disenchanted as we learn it.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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