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With the release of Captain America: Civil War now under two months away, anticipation for the blockbuster will increase on a daily basis. But while the main draw to the film is Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man going toe-to-toe alongside their pals, it’s easy to forget that Civil War will feature the debut of arguably Marvel's most popular character, Spider-Man. It’s now being reported that our very first look at Spider-Man in Civil War will come in tomorrow’s trailer.

Latino Review has alleged that the Captain America: Civil War trailer is going to feature a heavy dose of Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Marvel Studios’ promotional push for Civil War saw set visit press stories released earlier this week, with one batch focusing on how the film will primarily revolve around Captain America and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, and another insisting that Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther is going to steal the show.

It’s now been suggested that this was all building up-to tomorrow’s Captain America: Civil War trailer, which is reportedly going to finally bring the webbed-wonder into the Marvel fray. For those of you that haven’t seen the teasers for the trailer tomorrow, take a second to check out the Team Captain America version below.

Meanwhile, on the complete other side of the spectrum, you can now have a gander at the Team Iron Man clip, which gives us a great view of Black Panther, Vision, War Machine, and Black Widow, as well as Iron Man. 

Obviously, the one major superhero not featured in any of these clips in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and he was also suspiciously absent from the recent release of five character posters for Captain America: Civil War, too. All of which suggests that Marvel is waiting to unleash the beloved character on a huge scale, which is exactly what the final trailer could be.

This will not only be a perfect way to amp up excitement ahead of the promotional campaign for Captain America: Civil War, but it may also suck some of the wind out of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s sails, as its release just so happens to be less than two weeks away. We’ve got a little longer to wait until Captain America: Civil War, as that hits cinemas on May 6. And that’s going to seem like a lifetime away once we get our first look at the new incarnation of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 

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