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Commercial Director Nicolai Fuglsig Sets Up Real-Time Thriller Brass Monkey At Paramount

Several acclaimed filmmakers -- from David Fincher and Spike Jonze to Michel Gondry and Gore Verbinski -- got their start on commercials and music videos. Nicolai Fuglsig’s would like to join them.

The director pitched Brass Monkey to Paramount, and hopes to make it his feature-film debut, according to Deadline. The story, conceived by Fuglsig and Paolo Marinou-Blanco, is set in real-time, where someone is on a killing spree in Los Angeles. The tagline atop an action-packed teaser poster Fuglsig created for his studio pitch says, “One man’s last shot at justice.” Yet on it, you can see one man holding a hypodermic needle, another looking through a rifle scope, two figures dangling from a helicopter, an ambulance, some people running … and this is all on the poster!

Fuglsig, 37, started as a photojournalist before transitioning into commercials. He’s in the running for a futuristic take on the classic Robin Hood tale, though I wonder if that will go on the backburner now that Paramount’s interested in Brass Monkey. And if you are interested in getting a sneak peek at Fuglsig’s style, here are his two most-recognized commercials:

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