The superheroes are coming, and even the biggest comic fans could have never seen this moment coming. Here, at last, are the final two segments of a puzzle poster for Avengers: Age Of Ultron . All week, we've collected different pieces, and now, it's all complete thanks to the final shots of our last two Avengers. The whole thing can be seen above, and yeah, even if you aren't a comic fan, it's sort of boss.


The new pieces concern who many believe are the strongest and most powerful of the Avengers. And even they're having a problem with the onslaught of Ultron and his... Ultronbots (?) as they threaten to reboot the planet, one gigabyte at a time. The first sight is of the Hulk, who, rumor has it, does not end this film in the best state. Could it be leading to his own movie? Or maybe a guest-starring role in someone else's?


The next peek is of the Mighty Thor, and if these robots could overwhelm a god, then who knows what they'll do to poor Hawkeye? You'd think the God of Thunder could summon up some lightning to mess with Ultron, but that's basically my understanding of movie technology speaking: everyone knows a lightning strike makes even the most innocuous machine go haywire.

Presumably, Thor will still be on his feet at the close of this film. After all, a writer has been hired for a third Thor film. Of course, if recent news is to be believed, anyone can be Thor. Heck, maybe Thor 3 features Jane Foster, Natalie Portman's character from the first two films who is now noble enough to hold Mjolnir. Of course, losing Thor means losing one of the most badass moments in comic book history, one that absolutely has to be replicated by Joss Whedon and company.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron opens next May 1st. We'll probably be seeing a trailer very soon.

You can check out a larger image in the gallery below...

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