Could Mario And Link Join Forces For A New Nintendo Movie?

As video games have become mainstream entertainment, they have become prime fodder for cinematic adaptation. Having said that, many of the previous attempts at turning video games into movies have not been particularly stunning. However, one producer has an idea that might be the key to making Nintendo’s characters finally get their moment to shine on the silver screen.

Roy Lee is the president of Vertigo Entertainment and he has some experience turning popular brands into successful films. He was a producer on The Lego Movie, a smash hit in 2014. Speaking at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas, he was asked about what his dream movie project would be. According to Game Informer, Lee would love to give the Lego Movie treatment to Nintendo’s cast of characters.

Mine would be Nintendo. I think Zelda, Mario, and the whole universe of characters would be perfect for a Lego Movie type of [film]. I don't have the rights to it, but I would love to. That would be my Holy Grail.

Needless to say, a successful Nintendo movie would be the Holy Grail for countless video game fans as well. Only the Super Mario Bros have ever seen an actual film adaptation, and it was far from great. While there has been a lot of fan demand to see the likes of Link and Zelda or Samus Aran on the big screen as well, what most fans have probably been thinking about is giving each character their own film. The idea of doing a single big Nintendo Movie that includes all the great characters has probably not been on most people’s radar.

While the idea may seem to be more than a little crazy, that's what we all thought about The Lego Movie, and that turned out to be so crazy that it worked. It might also be the best solution for Nintendo, because this way no single character would have to hold up the entire story. If there’s a concern among the powers that be that another shot at a Super Mario movie would be as big a disaster as the last one, then maybe the solution is to make him part of an ensemble cast of characters. Nintendo’s Suicide Squad. It wouldn’t be the first time all these characters came together. They could make a Super Smash Bros. movie.

As Roy Lee points out, he doesn’t have the rights to any Nintendo characters, so at this point any actual movie is just a pipe dream. Still, if Nintendo likes the concept, maybe Lee’s interest will lead to real possibilities. What do you think about a feature film starring all your favorite Nintendo characters in one place? Could this idea finally be the one that makes video game movies as mainstream as the games themselves?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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