New DC Video Shows Off Suicide Squad's Weapons

Bad guys love to cause trouble, and when they don’t have powers or special abilities to accomplish that, they turn to weapons. Such is the case for most of the main characters in Suicide Squad. After all, you can’t go on a dangerous black ops mission without being properly armed, and now you can see some of these weapons up close from a new exhibit showing off props from the DC Extended Universe.

In DC Entertainment’s video peeking at the Warner Bros Studio Tour’s DC Universe: The Exhibit, we see things like Batman’s massive armor or the hunk of Kryptonite Lex Luthor obtained in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, it’s the costumes and weapons from Suicide Squad that really catch our interest. For instance, there’s a Harley Quinn mannequin carrying her definitely-not-for-sports baseball bat, and nearby that are displays case showing off her trademark mallet (seen below) and snazzy pistols. There’s also an interactive version of her prison cell from the movie, so tourists can pretend that they’re the ones who’ve been locked up by Amanda Waller. Other items connected to the Squad itself include Rick Flag’s military gear and Boomerang’s…well, you can guess what weapon he carries.

Harley Quinn Guns

Then we come to The Joker, who won’t be a member of the Suicide Squad, but will still have an important presence in the movie. The exhibit features a mannequin dressed in his duds and holding a cane, which we can only assume has a sword hidden inside. Then we come to a display showing a traditional shaving blade the Clown Prince of Crime carries on him. Maybe this Joker, like Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight, also has a passion for carving Glasgow smiles on his victims. However, what you wouldn’t have spotted in the movie is that this blade has a smile etched in it. Creepy!

The Joker Razor

As an added bonus, one of the items on display isn’t directly connected to Suicide Squad, but is a subtle callback to Joker that you may not have noticed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman’s gun from the Knightmare sequence has a Joker card attached to it, meaning that even when battling Parademons in a post-Apokoliptic (see what I did there?) future, he kept a reminder of his sworn enemy. Moviegoers will get to see the Caped Crusader chasing after Joker and Harley in the present day during Suicide Squad, though he’ll be spending more time with the latter, as he has to save her when her car crashes, while her smiling, abusive boyfriend escapes.

You can see these DC super villains in action when Suicide Squad arrive in theaters on August 5.

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