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Following the incredible success of The Avengers, comic book fans around the world have been loudly hoping that many of the superheroes that Marvel once let go to other companies would return to the Marvel Studios fold. Unlike DC Comics, which made a pact with Warner Bros. years back and retains the rights to all of its characters, Marvel's line-up of heroes are spread throughout Hollywood, with Spider-Man belonging to Sony, and both the X-Men and Fantastic Four over at 20th Century Fox.

Thanks to some drama late last year, however, it looked as though one of Marvel's most popular protagonists was returning home, and now that news has been made official.. Newsarama had the chance to speak with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige this week and confirmed that Daredevil, the blind hero with super-powered senses, is now back with the company that created him.

This story began last August when it was first reported that 20th Century Fox was running out of time to make a new Daredevil movie. While the studio did have a reboot in the works with Joe Carnahan attached to direct, their contract stipulated that production on the project would have to start by October 2012, otherwise the rights would revert back to Marvel Studios. There was talk of a possible trade between studios that would see Fantastic Four characters like Galactus and Silver Surfer go back to Marvel, however, Fox was reportedly unwilling to make the deal. Time eventually expired, and, as has been confirmed today, The Man Without Fear is now back home.

What remains unclear is how Daredevil will fit into Marvel's future plans. Is it possible that he will be end up being part of the studio's Phase Three plans (which already include Ant-Man and Doctor Strange)? Could he become a supporting role in one of the upcoming films? Or is he destined to sit on a shelf?