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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many of us out here habitually wait until the last possible moment to do anything of note for our significant others. Fortunately for all of us romantic slackers, we’ve got someone looking out for us. It’s not Cupid or even Hallmark, no, though he does dress all in red. He’s not who you might expect to dole out advice in the love department, but Deadpool is here with some sound tips for what to do on the most romantic of holidays. And only part of it involves buying tickets to see Deadpool.

Whoever is in charge of the marketing for Deadpool has been on point since day one. Not only have the clips and trailers and various promos been engaging and funny, they showcase the sense of humor of the movie and the title character, playing up all of the things that make this different from your average superhero joint. By that I mean the violence and swearing and fourth-wall breaking, among other things. All of which is on full display in this new video.

You normally associate Deadpool, as both a title and a character, more with excessive brutality, profane humor, and things that aren’t particularly romantic in any way, but in reality it’s not that far off the wall. The Merc with the Mouth’s romance with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) is at the center of the movie and is really the primary force that drives him forward. For as much blood and sex and blue language as there is, there’s a heartfelt romantic streak throughout. So maybe we should all listen to what Wade Wilson has to say and buy that special someone flowers, Deadpool tickets, and let them hang around "the King" for a few hours. As he says, after that you will look like the most sensitive person to ever walk the earth.

When former mercenary Wade Wilson’s body is ravaged by cancer, he undergoes and experimental procedure that, while it cures his cancer and gives him the ability to heal his wounds, leaves him horribly scarred and a wee bit touched in the head. When he embarks on a mission to get revenge on the people who did this to him, his former fiancé gets caught in the crossfire and he has to rescue her as well. By now villains should know that pulling stunts like that is just going to piss the hero off. Surely there’s another route they could have taken.

Deadpool is almost here. It opens a week from today, just in time for a romantic evening of sex, violence, and profanity.