The planned movie about the X-Men character Deadpool has been in a sort of limbo lately, having been greenlit immediately after X-Men Origins: Wolverine but sidelined by the news that the movie's star Ryan Reynolds had also signed on to play the Green Lantern for another studio. Would the Deadpool movie ever happen? Would Reynolds drop out? There's been no news on it all summer, to the point that half of Wolverine's audience probably forgot the movie was even going to happen.

But Deadpool's creator, comic artist Rob Liefeld, has good news for the world on his Twitter feed. The Deadpool movie lives! Ryan Reynolds is still on board! The fans are going to be happy with the character this time! It's ebullient news 140 characters at the time, coming from a reliable source who, it must be said, still has a vested interest in keeping the fans on board with this movie. Check out the full series of tweets over there, in which Liefeld promises the movie will include "breaking the fourth wall! Loads of killing!" Sounds like everything the Wolverine movie didn't have, and what might make this worth watching if it ever gets off the ground.

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