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Given how quickly Marvel is developing movies, we've been dealing with endless rumors about nearly every character on the company roster, and Dr. Strange is no exception. It was back in 2010, before Captain America and Thor had kicked off the post-Iron Man era of Marvel Universe films, that we first heard writers had been hired for a Dr. Strange film. Since then the best we've gotten is vague hints from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige that Dr. Strange was still in play, even as the studio has moved forward on Guardians of the Galaxy and even the endlessly-gestating Ant-Man.

What we're hearing today about Dr. Strange is still just rumor, but it could be a sign that the studio is finally ready to stop dragging their heels and make the movie a reality. CHUD is hearing from what they call reliable sources that the studio is eyeing Justin Theroux, the actor/screenwriter/Jennifer Aniston fiancé, to potentially play Dr. Strange, though it's unclear if he might pop in another Marvel movie or get a standalone effort, or even how many other actors they might want to play the part. Theroux has already worked as a screenwriter on Iron Man 2, so as a familiar face to the Marvel family he might have an edge-- hell, they might even want him to write the Dr. Strange script instead of play him.

Like we said, this is all a rumor, and you could probably bug the Marvel offices to find them tossing around any number of names for any number of characters (for all we know they're already planning a Teen Thor reboot starring members of One Direction). But while we're talking about him, can you see Theroux as Dr. Strange? Or should they leave him behind the camera?

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