As one of the biggest and most financially well off stars in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston could have a dream wedding. She could spend years planning, invite hundreds of guests and make the ceremony one of the ritizers, most beautiful affairs any of her high class guests have ever seen, but at forty-four, with one failed marriage already under her belt, she’s apparently more excited about actually being a wife than having a special day.

According to People, Aniston is already in the middle of planning her wedding to fiancé Justin Theroux, and she’s decided to make it a rather small affair with only close friends and a few family members from both the bride and groom’s side. The actual date of the ceremony hasn’t been released to the public, but it reportedly has been chosen and will happen sooner rather than later, likely not long after Aniston finishes shooting her latest movie next month.

For years, Aniston made tabloid headlines with her high profile relationships. She gave it a go with some of the most famous men in Hollywood, and rumors continually abounded about why none of them worked out. Her relationship with Theroux, an actor and screenwriter, has been much more calm, however. The two have quietly gone about their business without scandal, and sources close to the couple have continually raved about how well they get along.

Here’s to hoping Jen’s wedding, even if it’s a tiny ceremony with only a few dozen people, is beautiful and special in its own unique way.

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