Ender's Game Comic-Con Swag Includes Pins And Dog Tags

Ender's Game lapel pins

Comic-Con offers a lot in exchange for the cost of tickets and time spent standing around on long lines, battling the heat and the crowds. There's the thrill of getting to see the talent behind your favorite comics, movies, TV shows and games, not to mention the surge of excitement that comes with being surrounded by people who are just as excited to be there as you. Oh, and there's the swag. Comic-Con is a haven of give-aways, though we might not call them "free." As mentioned, attendees pay for these things with the cost of their tickets and their time spent among the throngs of eager, excited and sometimes costumed geeky brethren. Those Ender's Game fans attending SDCC later this month will want to get to the Summit Booth and/or the Ender's Game Exclusive Fan Experience if they want to get their hands on some of the official EG swag that's being handed out. That includes the lapel pins in the above photo.

Enders News shared photos of the loot that will be available at the Summit Booth at Comic-Con this year. As you can see with the lapel pins, and the "Static Clings" in the photo below, Summit's making good use of the Army logos and mascots for they imagery. Ender's Game centers on Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), a kid recruited to attend a space-set Battle School where gifted children are training to fight in the coming ware against an alien race. During their training, the kids are broken up into various armies, represented by animal names like salamander, rat and dragon. In addition to the Ender's Game logo, and the sight of Ender's back as he faces the Battle Room, which was used for the first official poster, the pins and clings feature the previously released Army logos, as well as the International Fleet logo.

Static clings

Those same images are featured on the dog tags that will be made available to those who check out the Ender's Game Fan Experience, which will be set up outside the Hilton Gaslamp during the convention, and will allow fans to visit 8 different rooms, each of which represents a different iconic environment in Ender's world.

Ender's Game dog tags

Check out the rest of those over at Ender News.

And finally, here's a look at the poster bag, which could prove useful in carting around your other swag.

poster bag

The cast of Ender's Game, including Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, will be in attendance for the panel that's set to take place Thursday, July 18 in Hall H.

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