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Entourage Eyeing Two Super Bowl Winners For High-Scoring Cameos?

The NFL is currently kneepad-deep in free agency, and the trades are coming as fast as the bullshit flows from one superagent Ari Gold’s mouthpiece. His portrayer, actor Jeremy Piven, is full of a few things himself, but none of it is the Super Bowl-winning pride of superstar young quarterback Russell Wilson, who played a huge role in bringing the Seattle Seahawks back into the spotlight with a ridiculously huge upset over the Denver Broncos just last month. But does Wilson have what it takes to make a TV series-turned-movie into as big of a success?

While nobody actually came out and said that Wilson will have a cameo in Doug Ellin’s feature take on his hit HBO series Entourage, Piven posted the above picture to his Instagram account, so that’s about as solid proof as the industry gets these days. Wilson has been an outspoken fan of the show, so it’s no surprise that they’re pulling him in to give the flick that added boost of celebrity currency. Take a look at the athlete’s recent David Letterman appearance below.

And Wilson probably isn’t the only Super Bowl winner to get some screentime in the film, as Ellin himself recently posted a picture to his own Instagram page where he’s standing next to the New England Patriots future legend Tom Brady. Brady, for what it’s worth is rocking the movie star set look, trading in his usual sweater for something with a zipper, as well as the expected sunglasses and flat cap.

Entourage fans will remember Brady showing up for the Season 6 episode "Fore" back in 2009, where series executive producer Mark Wahlberg also shows up for a charity golf event. Spark your memory up below.

There’s still not a lot to be known about where the film’s plot will be headed, other than Vincent (Adrian Grenier) is still a movie star, and Ari is a studio head. Otherwise, we just know the cast will include Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Scott Caan, Debi Mazar, Billy Bob Thornton, Haley Joel Osment, Kid Cudi and Martin Landau, with cameos from Piers Morgan, Emily Ratajkowski and Liam Neeson. Find it in theaters on June 12, 2015, unless they talk Warner Bros. into letting it go a little early. Now when are they gonna get Drew Brees in this thing?

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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