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When I spoke with X-Men franchise producer Lauren Schuler Donner a few weeks ago, she told me that the fate of a solo Deadpool movie will be decided by the end of the year. The script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick has been written, Ryan Reynolds is still attached and excited to star, and Tim Miller has signed on to direct. At this stage in the game it's all about scheduling, but the sad fact is that it may still be a while before we actually get to see any footage from a real Deadpool movie. Until then, fanmade trailers will have to do.

YouTube user jremoviebuff has took hit upon themselves to create the first preview for the upcoming comic book movie using footage from various sources, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Blade Trinity, Grindhouse and Shot 'Em Up. Check it out:

Okay, so it's not a perfect trailer but it's definitely entertaining and clearly made by someone that understands that character (Chimichangas, anyone?). I always like to see fanmade trailers because even if they are silly and poorly edited, it's a sign of passion and that should be encouraged. And who knows: maybe it will encourage the execs over at 20th Century Fox to push even harder to get the real film made.