Fandango Is Making A Big Change To Movie Tickets, Here's What They'll Look Like

Ever since the start of their showtime and movie ticket dynasty in 2000, Fandango has been a revolution when it comes to how we get to the movies. Now, the company has made another leap in the way that we purchase movie tickets, as they're about to make a big change to your mobile ticketing experience. Take a look at the new face of Fandango Mobile Tickets below.


The new look of Fandango's mobile tickets was unveiled by the company themselves today, and it's a concept that's going to be tested in four big theater chains in the near future. With Carmike Cinemas, Frank Theatres, Paragon Theaters, and Reading Cinemas all getting the new look first, there's one more location that's going to get the brand new treatment: Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre. Now you're probably wondering why Fandango is changing its look after all of this time in the mobile ticketing game. Well, there's two very big reasons for the switch: to prevent counterfeiting, while also making the mobile ticketing experience easier.

When using Fandango's current mobile ticketing experience, the formatting is rather plain, with simple text and a QR code on the center of the screen. Of course, depending on the quality of your phone screen, or the QR scanner at the theater, the current mobile tickets can be hard to scan. So if you went to see Hardcore Henry or The Boss this past weekend, and you tried to use your Fandango mobile app to get in, you may have run into trouble. Eventually, said trouble could lead to a conversation with the manager, or the ticket taker waving you along.

This leads us to our second scenario, as a counterfeited QR code could be one of those tickets that gets waived off at the usher's podium, after a hypothetically convincing patron puts up a good fight. With the new format for Fandango's mobile tickets, that pesky QR code will be a thing of the past, as there's nothing to scan on this new ticket. The same proprietary information you would see on a typical Fandango ticket is put onto the screen, with a new format that's allegedly "unduplicatable" for those who want to try and fake out the system. So after waiting in line for hours to see Captain America: Civil War, you won't have to worry about holding up the line with a faulty / counterfeit QR code.

It's unclear how long it'll take for Fandango to roll this change out to the public at large, but for now all we can do is sit back and watch what happens with this preliminary round of mobile ticket refreshing. If you happen to be one of the lucky folks that get to test this new innovation out, let us know how you feel about it in the Comments below.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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