You'll be seeing a lot of Alice Englert this year. The enchanting English ingénue born of filmmakers Jane Campion and Colin Englert will hit screens in four new features this year, including Sally Potter's daring coming-of-age drama Ginger & Rosa, Richard LaGravenese's adaptation of the popular YA novel Beautiful Creatures, and Roland Joffé's mysterious romance epic Singularity. But first, Englert will hit Sundance for the premiere of Jeremy Lovering's In Fear.

This psychological thriller marks Lovering's first feature film after a career of helming various British television productions. In Fear stars Englert alongside Scottish television star Iain De Caestecker, and Allen Leech, best-known to American audiences as the socialist chauffeur Tom Branson of Downton Abbey. However none of these attractive rising stars are the focus of In Fear's Sundance poster. Instead, the producers have gone for a sharp graphic approach, which you can check out below:

In Fear centers on a young couple who must survive a hellish night after they get lost in a labyrinth of country roads. At this time, it's unclear which of the film's three stars make up the couple, but we're sure to hear more soon, as the film will debut this weekend. Its screening schedule for Sundance is as follows:

Sunday, January 20, Midnight, Egyptian Theatre, Park City
Sunday, January 22, 9:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinema 6, Salt Lake City
Monday, January 23, 11:30pm, Prospector Square Theatre, Park City
Tuesday, January 25, 11:30am, Redstone Cinema 2, Park City

As for whether or not the star-making festival will score this Brit flick Stateside distribution, we'll post updates as we get them. So stay tuned to our Sundance coverage throughout the coming weeks!

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