Greetings from Las Vegas, Cinema Blend fans! I have arrived in the legendary city of sin for this year's CinemaCon, the annual event where the biggest names and studios in Hollywood travel out to the desert to present footage from their biggest upcoming films. I'll be here all week to report on all of the insanely cool stuff that I get to see, and while the convention doesn't actually start until tomorrow, I already have a lot of awesome things to show you - namely some new posters, standees and banners for some of 2012's most anticipated movies.

Walking through Caesar's Palace, where most of the convention will be taking place, I found myself absolutely surrounded by artwork from films like Hope Springs, This is 40, Les Miserables, To Rome With Love, Seven Psychopaths, 47 Ronin, The Words, Ted, and many, many more. Seizing the opportunity, I whipped out my camera and photographed a whole bunch of them to share with all of you. In the gallery below you will see a lot of new stuff mixed in with some stuff we've already seen, but it all makes for one very nice viewing experience.

Check out the gallery below!

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