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The Fugitive Getting Remade Yet Again

The Fugitive was one of those rare successes that never warranted a sequel, never got turned into a crappy direct-to-DVD movie, and was never really bastardized again. Until, of course, the Great Recession of 2009 hit, and Hollywood really hit rock bottom with their lack of ideas.

Apparently that's the case over at Warner Bros., where Production Weekly reports they're planning a remake of The Fugitive. As we all remember, the movie itself was a remake of a 60s TV show, so the idea bank has been half-empty for a while now. But given Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones' definitive takes on the material, does anyone really think they have something new to offer here? Harrison, I know they're probably not even bothering to ask your permission for this, but you may have the power to fix this. Help us before it's too late!

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend