This is G.I. Joe News?

I’m starting to think that no news would be better news when it comes to the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. So far we’ve been concerned about an overstuffed cast of characters, left unimpressed with character images, and found the new subtitle, “Rise of Cobra” wanting. Now some of the stars are talking about their part in the movie, and I wish they would stop.

Sienna Miller is probably one of the more exciting points of G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, since she plays one of fandom’s hottest characters, The Baroness. Miller burst more than one fan’s bubble this week when she announced that the role is not all her: "They gave me these things that looked like chicken fillets. The director said, 'I'm gonna be honest, I like girls with big boobs,' and I don't have them so we made them bigger.” That’s right. The Baroness stuffs her bra. I don’t actually expect that to bother many people, which is part of why I wish it was just left unsaid.

Meanwhile, earlier this week MTV Movies Blog received a few words from Brendan Frasier on his brief cameo in the movie. Those words are: “yes,” “no,” “cool,” “possible,” and “it exists.” To be fair, Frasier was a lot less tight lipped on Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was the movie he was supposed to be promoting. This isn’t me pointing out the flaw in MTV’s approach. Even the Movies Blog pointed out Vanessa White Wolf broke one of the cardinal rules of interviewing ettiqutte. You can check out the interview below:

Tune in next week when we find out what Denis Quaid had for lunch while on the set, and Ray Park gives us an audio sampling of his non-speaking character.