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I'm not sure how many times I'm going to have to write about Paul Verhoeven's The Surrogate before I stop getting it confused with Bruce Willis's sci-fi movie The Surrogates or the Screen Gems thriller Within, which has essentially the same plot. But Halle Berry is here to help me out-- she's signed on to be part of Verhoeven's movie, which means I can at least start thinking of it as Halle Berry's next movie and let the confusion slip away from there.

In the movie, set up at 20th Century Fox, Berry will play one half of a couple that wants to have a baby through a surrogate, but then discovers the woman they've chosen is insane. Variety points out helpfully that this will be Berry's first screen role since having her own baby last year. Is it a sign? Or logical for a woman in her mid-40s? You decide.

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