Hayley Atwell Reveals The Secret To Captain America’s Strength On Civil War Set

The set of Captain America: Civil War has been incredibly busy of late. With all the different actors showing up to work and the intense shooting schedule anybody could need an extra boost to get through the day, even Captain America. Now, thanks to Hayley Atwell, we know exactly what Cap uses to supplement that Super Soldier Serum, Muscle Milk. Also beer.

Hayley Atwell visited the set of Civil War this week, to work or to just be adorable is not clear, and sent out a series of tweets including one which shows the Captain’s dirty little secret.

Honestly this is good information to have. If Cap had to do absolutely no maintenance whatever to keep his strength intact that would just be unfair. The only question is, does that much protein shake last Captain America a few days or a few hours? Dude must have killer metabolism right? Although, if you check out the bottom of the frame you’ll notice there’s something else in Chris Evans’ fridge that helps him get through those long days of filming. Ice cold Stella Artois. We really can’t blame him for that one.

Atwell’s peek into Evans’ refrigerator was possibly the oddest of the tweets she sent out from the set of Civil War but the rest were equally entertaining. One assumes she was there to begin work on the film, although this tweet makes it look like she was just there to disrupt things and distract the star:

It has been rumored, though not yet confirmed, that Agent Peggy Carter will make an appearance in Captain America:Civil War. At this point, if she’s not in the film she would be conspicuous by her absence, everybody else gets to be in it. If she is in the film there is little doubt which side she'll be on. Still, she may have just been visiting friends on set. We’ll keep an eye on her Twitter feed to see if she’s spending a long time on the set. Even if she isn’t, we’ll still be entertained.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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