How Hugh Jackman Almost Severed His Own Penis On The X-Men Set

Hugh Jackman has talked extensively before about how playing Wolverine in both the X-Men and the solo movies has cost him a lot of delicious, unhealthy meals, but apparently, on the set of Days Of Future Past it almost cost him a whole lot more. Specifically, it almost cost him his penis.

Despite happening more than a year ago, the story is finaly starting to trickle its way around the Internet, and it’s upsetting enough to make you sick to your stomach. Apparently, the beloved actor was shooting a nude scene on a closed set when he scurried around a corner and promptly ran into all of the movie’s female cast members, who were huddled together and chatting with some of the crew. Instinctively, he threw his hands downward to cover up his manhood. Unfortunately, he had those razor sharp Wolverine claws on and well, it was almost the stuff men have nightmares about.

Here’s a portion of the actual quote he gave beloved talk show host Graham Norton, as per The Mirror

"I tried to cover myself and cut my inner thigh - it was just the inner thigh thankfully! The metal claws had to go - you can't have bits and pieces flying off."

Can you imagine what would have happened if he accidentally cut off his member with a movie prop on the set? That would have been the most epic behind the scenes scandal in the history of Hollywood. I seriously don’t think anything has ever happened more screwed up than that. TMZ would have camped outside Days Of Future Past for the duration of the shoot, if it even would have continued. I’m not sure people would have been comfortable moving forward after something like that. Hugh Jackman is a pretty affable guy, but I can’t imagine him putting the claws on after that. Too many bad memories. Too much pain. Too little manhood.

Fortunately, the worst thing that happened here was a few famous women got a look at his penis and he got a cut on his inner thigh. That’s nothing. In the grand scheme of things, it’s totally worth it to have a kick-ass story he can bust out at parties for the rest of his life. Remember that time Jennifer Lawrence watched me almost stab myself in the dick?. Good times, Hugh Jackman. Good times.

There’s no word yet on how long Hugh Jackman will continue playing Wolverine. There have been some rumblings about him perhaps quitting after two more films, but given the right character arc, he would probably return. He seems to love playing the character almost as much as he loves his family, and he certainly has the youthful appearance to keep it up. His face and body haven’t changed much at all since he first put on the claws, and if his luck continues, he’ll look exactly the same in another fifteen years, with or without clothes on.

Mack Rawden
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